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Technical Progress was established in January 1996 when the entire Scottish repair centre of a large multi-national company separated and became an independent business. The engineers forming Technical Progress came from different backgrounds within the Electronics industry and drew on many years experience in electronics, networking, electro-mechanical, pneumatic and control systems.

When first established the main focus was repairing large numbers of CRT computer monitors, over 600 per month, desktop computers and printers. Laptops were few and far between.

99% of Technical Progress customers were maintenance companies and areas of the public sector, such as schools and councils with very few shops and private individuals. Over time this has changed with households becoming more technically aware with most homes boasting several laptops, tablets and smart phones. Although still having a strong customer base in the business and public sectors Technical Progress is seeing an increase in the number of shops and private individuals utilising their repair services, so along with a flow of printers and PCs there is an increasing number of laptops and consumer electronics.

Technical Progress is based in a large fully functional technical workshop in Cumbernauld just outside Glasgow where all repairs are carried out and end-of-line computer equipment processed. The great majority of this is uplifted by the Technical Progress van which travels to our customers who are as far afield as Ayr in the South-West and Arbroath and Montrose in the North-East and all points in between.